Sizing total global market opportunity in end-to-end container trade logistics

Companies that trade have to communicate and transact with numerous disparate players -- such as port authorities, terminal operators, shipping liners, freight forwarders, customs, and hinterland logistics providers. The process is costly and time consuming especially for SMEs. However, digital technologies can today aggregate and streamline these many transactions. 

Nextrade was hired by a Fortune 500 technology company to size the total market opportunity among SME exporters and importers for such technology solution in numerous global trade corridors. We leveraged public and proprietary data sources to develop a holistic per-container end-to-end trade cost measure, broken down by segment and activity for several markets in the Middle East, India, and the Americas; assessing SME share of the total; and aggregating data to arrive at total SME end-to-end logistics spend by trade corridor.


The data enabled client to identify high-revenue corridors for its solution to integrate and streamline SMEs’ end-to-end logistics and payments in maritime trade.

Case study: Sizing total port, terminal and logistics spend for SMEs' container-based trade in Latin America, Middle East, and India

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