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Regional Trade Integration

Regional economic integration is on fire. Regional trade agreements (RTAs) have proliferated around the world in the past two decades alongside the World Trade Organization (WTO). By now over 300 RTAs are criss-crossing the world, and several further ones are being negotiated, including the so-called “mega-regional” agreements, the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP) and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership agreement (TTIP).


RTAs are the center of gravity in global commerce, and Nextrade Group is a global authority on RTAs. Our CEO has authored 5 books on RTAs and chairs the RTA group of the International Center for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD) and World Economic Forum E15 initaitive. In 2013, she conceptualized the "RTA Exchange", a first-in-class global clearing house of information on RTAs. RTA Exchange was unveiled by a global consortium (Inter-American Development Bank, Asian Development Bank Institute, and ICTSD) at the World Trade Organization ministerial meetings in Bali, Indonesia, in December 2013. Nextrade Group is now building the Beta version, to be unveiled in mid-2014. 


Nextrade Group CEO has also recently served as a consultant to USAID and Carana Corporation on to further business leaders' participation in African regional economic integration.

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