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Smart Ports

Building business strategy for a tech leader in the world's smart ports

The world's ports are getting smart, adopting new technologies from automated terminals to IoT, blockchain and AI that enable port ecosystem players -- such as port authorities, terminal operators, shipping liners, freight forwarders, customs, and hinterland logistics providers -- to track cargo end-to-end, coordinate workflows, and accelerate the throughput of cargo in ports.

Nextrade was hired by a Fortune 500 technology company to understand potential use cases for its technology assets in port ecosystems. We carried out an intensive series of structured interviews with port authorities, terminal operators, single windows, customs, and shipping liners around the world, to understand their respective pain points.


We subsequently developed 10 use cases on how the client’s technologies could address these pain points, go-to-market strategies for the use cases, and the revenue model on based on Nextrade’s analysis of the global market of port authorities, terminal operators, freight forwarders, shipping lines, and road and rail freight providers.

Nextrade also developed a Port Digitization Index to enable the client to target ports that are adopting new technologies, and critical strategic relationships for the client's go-to-market.

Case study: Developing a smart ports business strategy, use cases, market analytics, and strategic partnerships

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