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Business and technogy solutions to ecommerce pain points
Nextrade has produced data-driven and actionable ideas for the USAID-backed Alliance for eTrade Development for driving MSME ecommerce, from corporate digital identity to loan guarantees for Fintechs to scale lending to online sellers. 

Corporate Digital Identity to Enable Developing Country MSMEs' Use of Ecommerce


This white paper discusses the creation and adoption of a self-sovereign corporate digital IDs to enable especially developing country MSMEs to onboard B2B marketplaces, access financial and trade services, and build trust with trading partners. 

Empowering women-led firms in the digital economy: Roadmap


This paper, co-sponsored by eTrade Alliance partner Visa, is a data-driven roadmap for governments, corporations, and the international development community to optimize capacity-building work to enable women-led firms sell online and thrive in the global digital economy. 

Toward a African Data Transfer Regime to Enable African MSMEs’ Cross-Border Ecommerce


The purpose of this report is to contribute to the growing discussions on cross-border data transfer policies in Africa, and to discuss regional data transfer policies that are compatible with the aims of free trade and MSME cross-border ecommerce. 

Impacts of Fintech Lending on Online Seller MSMEs: Early Insights from Mexico

This report uses survey data from over 2,000 MSMEs to assess the impacts of Fintech lending on MSMEs online sellers' access to fast-disbursing working capital loans in Mexico, a booming ecommerce market with a vibrant Fintech community.

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