Governments and leading companies are tremendously hungry for deeper understanding of digitization and the best policy mixes to boost and leverage it for trade, growth and productivity. Our response: Nextrade Data Lab that ideates, produces, and markets new data and critical insight on the global digital economy. Selected products include:

  • Global smart ports index, composite index of automation and digitization of top-30 global ports for a Fortune 500 tech company

  • Global SME trade database and forecast model for MasterCard and ConnectAmericas

  • Global ecommerce survey and database for the World Bank

  • Subnational economic and digital economy database & algorithms for a leading ecommerce platform

  • Predictive analytics tool to track SMEs’ global risk and return profiles for a Fintech 

  • 180-country index capturing the depth of eBay's "Global Empowerment Network"

  • Digital regulatory analytics and database for the Inter-American Development Bank

  • Digital economy & trade survey and database for the Inter-American Development Bank

  • 300+ variable, 50-year, 150-country database on variables shaping the digital economy for the World Bank 

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