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Governments and corporations seek deeper understanding of policy mixes to advance digitization and trade and translate them into economics productivity and inclusive growth. Our response Nextrade Data Lab that ideates and produces data and critical insight at subnational and firm-level in the global digital economy. We assess patterns, drivers, and effects of trade and digitization at finer resolution. 

Our proprietary databases offered to clients include:


  • E-Exporter - to track SMEs' crossborder ecommerce use and digital transformation 

  • Smartrade Index to track the digitization of the world's free trade zones, ports, and customs

  • Digital trade agreement observatory to assess implementation of the world's digital trade agreements and chapters 

Selected data products, paired with analytics, prepared for our clients include:

  • AI Policy Readiness Index for a Fortune 100 tech company

  • Digital Public Infrastructure Readiness Index for a global technology company

  • Global smart ports index, composite index of automation and digitization of top-30 global ports for a Fortune 500 tech company

  • Global SME trade database and forecast model for MasterCard and ConnectAmericas

  • Global ecommerce survey and database at firm-level data for the World Bank

  • Subnational economic and digital economy database & algorithms for a leading ecommerce platform

  • Predictive analytics tool to track SMEs’ global risk and return profiles for a Fintech 

  • Database and analytics on digital and ecommerce ecosystems at zip code level in the United States

  • 180-country index capturing the depth of eBay's "Global Empowerment Network"

  • Digital regulatory analytics and database for the Inter-American Development Bank

  • Digital economy and trade survey and database for the Inter-American Development Bank

  • 300+ variable, 50-year, 150-country database on variables shaping the digital economy for the World Bank 

  • Firm- and consumer-level Central America ecommerce development databases and analytics for Cenpromype and U.S. State Department 

  • Firm-level Covid-19 impacts databases in developing countries for Visa Economic Empowerment Institute

  • Technology adoption and development database in Central America for International Finance Corporation (IFC)

  • Firm-level digital maturity index for USAID and Alliance for eTrade Development 

  • Postal code and district level digital and ecommerce ecosystem development analytics in Mexico Colombia, and Ecuador for USAID and Alliance for eTrade Development 

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