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Nextrade has distinctive track-record in ideating and building new global initiatives and public-private partnerships with Fortune 500s and leading governments to drive the use of technology and standards to facilitate world trade.

Alliance for eTrade Develpment between USAID and 10 companies launched

Nextade builds the next global PPP for ecommerce development

Nextrade is proud to announce Alliance for eTrade Development II, a PPP Nextrade CEO built as a sequel to Alliance I she managed in 2017-19, between USAID and 10 companies (Cargill, DHL, UPS, Etsy, PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, Ringier One Africa Media, Element Inc., and Latin American eCommerce Institute), to drive ecommerce development  across the developing world. The Alliance will work in 2019-22 across the developing world to modernize ecommerce logistics, provide digital finance solutions, build SMEs' capacity for ecommerce, design and raise awareness about policies conducive to cross-border ecommerce, and subnational ecommerce development strategies.  Nextrade has partnered with a renowend USAID contractor that helps administer and operate the project.

Digital Standards for Trade (DST), launching in 2019

Nextrade builds with MasterCard a new institution to digitize trade transactions end-to-end

Leading players in the global trade ecosystem are digitizing, but they do not interoperate well. Nextrade was hired by MasterCard to create an institution to digitize trade transactions end-to-end through common standards and solutions among trade intermediaries. We brought the World Trade Board, several financial services companies, and ADB's trade finance department along and in December 2017 launched Digital Standards for Trade (DST) in Singapore. DST successfully raised funding in 2018 and will start work  with public and private sector partners in 2019.

Alliance for eTrade Development

Nextrade CEO builds a PPP with USAID and U.S. companies for ecommerce development

To expand developing country SMEs' use of global online platforms, in 2017 Nextrade CEO built the Alliance for eTrade Development, a PPP between USAID and PayPal, Google, eBay, and King & Spalding and operated by Business for eTrade Development she is a board member of, aimed to define and advance the adoption of policies, regulations, and programs conducive to SMEs' use of online platforms for trade, and develop pilot projects for ecommerce development in countries in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. See the Alliance's wok and report here.

Accelerating Ecommerce Development Worldwide

Nextrade ideated and built with support of 30 companies and associations this leading nonprofit for driving ecommerce development worldwide. The contributors are the "Who Is Who" in global ecommerce.  Business for eTrade Development is the private sector partner for the 20 global agencies in the UN-sponsored eTrade for All initiative. At the end of 2017, Business for eTrade Development launched Alliance for eTrade Develpment with USAID and three US companies.

eTrade for All

Connecting the dots in ecommerce development

Nextrade CEO Kati Suominen ideated this global initiative in 2013 and 2014, under name Aid for eTrade, and has built it with the United Nations into eTrade for All launched in 2016.

RTA Exchange

Global forum on regional trade agreements

Nextrade CEO ideated RTA Exchange as the premier global forum and platform for dialogue on the future of regionalism and the global trade architecture in 2012 when chairing the Regional Trade Agreements working group for E15 Initiative sponsored by the World Economic Forum and ICTSD. The initiative is now championed by ICSTD, Asian Development Bank, and Inter-American Development Bank. The concept note can be found here. Nextrade also built the first iteration of the interface.

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