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LOS ANGELES, Calif. (December 16, 2019)   Nextrade Group is extremely proud to announce the launch of the new Alliance for eTrade Development II, a Global Development Alliance (GDA) between U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and 10 companies (Cargill, DHL, UPS, Etsy, PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, Ringier One Africa Media, Element Inc., and Latin American eCommerce Institute). The Alliance partners will deploy their technologies, expertise, and assets to help drive small and medium-sized enterprises’ (SMEs) ecommerce development across the developing world.


The Alliance is ideated and built by Nextrade Group and managed jointly by Nextrade and partner firm Palladium Group. It builds directly on the first Alliance for eTrade Development that Nextrade built and CEO Kati Suominen managed in 2017-19.


Alliance for eTrade Development II will work in 2019-22 to increase the number of developing country SMEs that are engaged in international ecommerce, as well as the volume of developing country digital trade transactions. To attain this goal, the Alliance will work in Africa, Asia and Latin America to modernize ecommerce logistics, foster digital finance solutions, build SMEs’ capacity for cross-border ecommerce, design and raise awareness about policies conducive to cross-border ecommerce, and subnational ecommerce development strategies. 

“Ecommerce is an unstoppable force expanding rapidly around the world, and it is opening new opportunities for businesses of all sizes to export, grow, and create new jobs,” Suominen said. “We firmly believe that by working together, public and private sectors can attain their common goal of engaging more SMEs in global ecommerce. Nextrade is thrilled to support ecommerce development with USAID and world-class corporate partners and to expand our work at enabling world trade through digitization,” Suominen added.


Nextrade Group is a Los Angeles-based data and analytics company that helps government agencies, multilateral development banks, and Fortune 500 technology companies enable trade and economic development through technology.

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