LAC trade ministers in Washington
Productive development in B.A.
WTO Public Forum 2018 in Geneva
Mercosur digital trade forum in B.A.
AGOA Forum in Washington
Kenyan trade ministry in Nairobi
Keynote at ICC Banking Commission
UN Ecommerce Week in Geneva
US digital trade agenda in Phoenix
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IIF C-suite Digitization Panel
IIF C-suite Digitization Panel
WTS: interoperability in trade
LAC ports, customs, single windows
LAC ports, customs, single windows
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Manufacturing jobs mismatches
Ecommerce n Central America
Financing online sellers
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Aid for Trade 2017 at WTO in Geneva
Nextrade @ vTex Day in Sao Paulo
World Trade Symposium in London
Trade policy luncheon in Geneva
Trade facilitation in ecommerce era
OECD on Ecommerce in Paris
Speak @ Oman Social Investment Forum
Forum on Globalization in L.A.
Mexican Ecommerce Assn, Mexico City
Speech - Digital Trade @ Cape Town
Speech - BASIS in Bangladesh
Digital Trade in Nairobi
At Executive Next Practices in L.A.
Keynote @ GTR, Silicon Valley
B.A.: Ecommerce shoppers 2020
WITSA Annual Meeting in Brasilia
Keynote Global Small Business Forum
Digital markets 2020: vTex Day
Press briefing - WTO's tomorrow
World Trade Symposium in London
Press Conference WTO in Geneva
Aid for eTrade Workshop in Geneva
Nextrade @ Davos
Big Idea: Trusted eTrader Program
Big idea: Aid for eTrade - @ CSIS
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WTO Ministerial in Buenos Aires
ECLAC Digital Trade in Santiago
Digital trade in SE Asia in Myanmar
Nextrade-ICTSD panel @ WTO
New Alliance for eTrade Development
Nextrade @ European parliament
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