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Employee pool for ecommerce - roadmap for companies in Georgia with DAI

In 2022, Nextrade was hired by DAI for a study is to develop a skills framework for ecommerce, both domestic and cross-border, as a tool for Georgian to build the skills young people need for the ecommerce era, and for Georgian businesses to access a competent, productive, and future-proofed workforce in response to today’s growing digital economy.

Georgia is poised to benefit from the opportunities e-commerce presents: the Georgian ecommerce market is expected to grow at 19 percent per annum in 2022-25.

As the growth of ecommerce accelerates, the demand for certain occupations, skills and competencies will expand, for example in such fields as software development, UX/UI design, digital marketing, warehousing and fulfillment, and data analysis. Yet there is to date no well-defined framework for ecommerce business, which impedes the development of curricula to support Georgian youth to develop skills for career paths in the ecommerce sector, and for educational institutions to cultivate such skills – or even for companies launching their online stores and presence to identify the right talent for their businesses.


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