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Developing World Bank's research agenda for trade in digital services

Services are increasingly deliverable digitally, opening new opportunities for developing country firms to engage in trade in tasks with clients around the world.

Trade in digitally deliverable services can enable developing country freelancers and small businesses to sell basic or sophisticated digital services to businesses and governments, creators to sell educational content to consumers, and influencers to provider marketing services to global brands. Imported digital services, including from other developing countries, can also increase the productivity of developing country manufacturers, agricultural producers, and services businesses.

This project launched in 2023 develops for the World Bank Group a policy-relevant research agenda on ways in which digital services, especially services provided by developing country freelancers, creators, influencers, and small businesses, could be used to promote exports, growth and development in developing countries. The research agenda is to be highly actionable – enable the Bank to provide technical assistance and furnish grants and loans for developing countries looking to promote their digital services providers and their exports.


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