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Working with World Bank's We-Fi initiative to enable women's ecommerce in Jordan, Egypt, Morocco

The Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative (We-Fi) managed by the World Bank and funded by 14 donor governments supports women entrepreneurs by scaling up access to financial products and services, building capacity, expanding networks, offering mentors, and providing opportunities to link with domestic and global markets.

In 2020, Nextrade was hired as part of a consortium consisting of OCO Global, Dajani Consulting and Women in Business Arabia to architect and implement We-Fi program in Jordan to train 15 trainers and enable over 100 women-led firms to use ecommerce to grow their businesses. OCO, Nextrade, and Innovety are working in 2021 on the We-Fi project to enable women-led firms in Egypt to use ecommerce and marketplaces to grow their exports.


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