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Nextrade drives SME ecommerce development in Central America with Cenpromype, U.S. State Department

Nextrade Group is proud to announce a new project with Cenpromype, an SME development organization led by eight Central American governments, on a highly timely project to accelerate ecommerce development across Central America.

Funded by U.S. State Department, the 3-year project involves: diagnostics of how SMEs use ecommerce and what policies are place to advance ecommerce; pilots to lower logistics costs and enable SMEs to access global platforms; and training of thousands of SMEs through small business development centers in the region.

Many Central American small businesses are already leveraging social media and ecommerce platforms to buy and sell products and services across borders; the project is to enable them to systematically and at scale drive ecommerce-led growth, and also to bring poorer and more rural companies to the stream of digital trade. Nextrade is also building for Cenpromype a new public-private partnership, a Central American Ecommerce Alliance, to pool public and private sector capabilities for SME ecommerce development in the region. Stay tuned for more updates and analytics.

Nextrade team Kati Suominen and Gabriela Montenegro an Cenpromype's Project Director Leonardo Aguilar interviewed by Cenpromype Executive Director Miosotis Rivas Peña on importance of ecommerce development for Central America

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