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Alliance for eTrade Development II formed between USAID and 10 companies launches

Nextrade is extremely proud to announce the launch of Alliance for eTrade Development II between USAID and 10 companies (Cargill, DHL, UPS, Etsy, PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, Ringier One Africa Media, Element Inc., and Latin American eCommerce Institute), to drive ecommerce development across the developing world. The Alliance is a sequel to Alliance I Nextrade CEO built and managed in 2017-19.

The Alliance will work in 2019-22 across the developing world to modernize ecommerce logistics, provide digital finance solutions, build SMEs' capacity for ecommerce, design and raise awareness about policies conducive to cross-border ecommerce, and bring subnational governments to drive ecommerce development.

Nextrade has partnered with our long-standing partner and renowned USAID contractor Palladium Group to manage the project.

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