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Is Globalization That Bad? No, we say - it is changing for the better and we had better keep up at Z

Nextrade CEO Kati Suominen spoke at the lively Zócalo/UCLA event entitled “Does Globalization Only Serve Elites?” before a packed house at the National Center for the Preservation of Democracy in Little Tokyo in Los Angeles. The panel noted that California has benefited greatly from globalization — from cheap T-shirts, to leaps in technology, to proximity to Asia, to its agricultural exports. Suominen highlighted ways for California and and the United States to power exports also in the 21st century -- when trade is digital. The work is not about bringing back factory jobs - they are gone to 3D printers and robots. The challenge is to prepare our workers to make the most of America's technological edge, keep upgrading their skills, and build new businesses. See her blog summarizing these arguments.

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