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Building Brazil's new Global Trade Hub through ecommerce, digital payments, ecommerce logistics

The Brazil Trade (BT) Facilitation Program funded by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) through the Prosperity Fund aims to help Brazil increase trade, especially exports from micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), creating jobs for women and men and driving economic growth that supports inclusion, women’s economic opportunities and poverty reduction in the country.

Nextrade first developed survey-based predictive analytics to identify the types of Brazilian firms that are most poised to succeed exporting through ecommerce. Nextrade then recruited and selected the 200 Brazilian firms for a pilot to export using ecommerce especially to South American markets (with the support of eCommerce Institute), and to onboard eBay (with the support of e-traid gmbh) and reach especially U.S.-based buyers. Nextrade also brought DHL and Mastercard to support the Hub development. Nextrade then extracted lessons-learned from the pilot and developed seven specific solutions for the Brazil Global Trade Hub, a join initiative between UK and the Brazilian export promotion agency APEX, Brazil’s leading industry group CNI, and SME agency SEBRAE to enable Brazilian MSMEs to access ecommerce export capacity-building and services via the online platform.


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